Another World Entire is a production company and publishing house founded in 2021 to renew the ground of modern thought and storymaking. In our film projects we seek out the images of life that change us, scare us, share the strangest feelings or engender new empathies. Locking eyes with the image, a universe is created. As publishers, showcasing compelling imagery and raising questions in our writing and our photography is paramount.

We strive to nurture the pursuit of true images. We see art-making, fundamentally, as a practice of honesty - to the self, the subject and all the visions in between. It is care, humility and effort that allow access to the truth, in factual and fictional stories alike. Our work is a search for images that revitalize our apprehension of the world as it is, rather than what we think it should be. Love of the world is a desire to stay in conversation with it forever.

AWE’s first task is to protect artists’ curiosities to foster enabling partnerships. We welcome skilled collaborators. To pitch a story, work with us or learn more about our projects, send an email to

Far Tortuga Trailer: Click to watch